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How Often Should You Update Your Website

How Often Should You Update Your Website

It appears that some businesses are changing or updating their websites as frequently as every few minutes. While this seems to make sense for news sites and those that want to provide readers with up to date info, does this necessarily make sense for YOUR business website?

You would like to show your visitors that you are continuously innovating your business, but at the same time, does changing all the time, give visitors the impression that you simply can’t make up your mind about what you've to offer?

Here is what you should think about before you build your company website.

How And Why Strangers Find Your Business’ Website

Your Ideal Customer’s Journey To You Often Begins With A Simple Search

Back in the day, you flipped open the phone book to find a solution to a problem, or to look for the right business to meet a need or fulfill a want.

But when was the last time you looked something up in the phone book?

Nowadays, you look stuff up on the phone itself!

We’ve come a long way, Baby.

How Strangers Become Ambassadors For Your Business

How Strangers Become Ambassadors For Your Business

Four Key Steps In Your Ideal Customer’s Journey To You

As an entrepreneur, you know the “holy grail” of small business is to have customers who love you.

No, I don’t just mean customers who do business with you again and again. I’m talking about the kind of customers who develop a fanatical passion – downright ambassadorship! – for your business that makes your competitors green with envy (and your bottom-line unassailably “green,” too).

Hopefully, you are the entrepreneur who cultivates customer relationships that turn into ambassadorships.

But maybe you’re the green-with-envy business owner who looks at other businesses’ customer relationships and thinks, “Why can’t we have customers like that?”

You can!

Use Your Website To Grow Your Business

Use Your Website To Grow Your Business

Your Ideal Customer Is Looking For You Right Now. Will She Find You?

Are you looking to grow your business?

Maybe you have all the work and revenue you can handle. But if you aren’t reading this as you sit on a pile of greenbacks and gold coins, you’re probably wondering how you can find the sort of ideal customers who not only bring you repeat business, but become advocates for you and bring even more customers through your door.

Your competitors are certainly out there looking to win your ideal customers away from you.

But if you give your business a superior web presence, you can beat your competitors and win the business for yourself.

Four Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

Four Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

How Pros Use Blogs to Drive Traffic
and Dominate Digital Marketing


You have a powerful business idea. And now, equipped with a brilliant website and a fresh-and-blooming web presence, you’re ready to launch your first digital marketing campaign.

You’re on your way!  Now, to cook up some successful blog posts.

You know you need to start by creating great content and aiming it at your perfect customer. But this is all new. Maybe even a little scary. Maybe more than a little scary!

But with a simple recipe of four “key” ingredients, you can cook up web content your best prospective customers will welcome… and start them looking to you for solutions to the problems your business was built to solve.

Improve Your Home Page Conversion Rate

Improve Your Home Page Conversion Rate

If you have a business website, then one of your main goals is to improve the conversion rate of visitors into customers. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, a membership subscription or just building a fan base, your home page should be conversion focused.

The web design industry, though still very young, has learned much and evolved greatly over the past 20 years.

We know have a proven formula for designing and laying out content on a home or landing page.

Here is a detailed checklist of the type of content elements you should have on your home page to optimize it for converting your visitors into customers.

How To Write A Blog Post

Max Height Web Solutions - How To Write A Blog Post

One thing our clients struggle with the most is how to write a blog post. You’ve created a site with WordPress, you’re energized with a message to share, and now you are ready to write a blog post. Oh wait… how DO you write a blog post?

Ask a writer what the hardest part is, and they will likely answer, “Getting started.” You may have an exciting idea, and feel totally frozen when it comes to expressing it. Don’t worry, there are some easy tricks to start your blog.