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How To Create An Effective Intro Video For Your Website

Want More Customers?  Introduce Your Business (And Yourself) To Prospects

“Nothing personal.”

When you hear those words, it’s usually not in a positive context.  Generally, it means someone’s about to treat you in a way you wouldn’t prefer… but they don’t want you to take it personally.  After all, as they might also say, “it’s just business.”

Since when were “business” and “personal” two completely different things?

Truth is, they aren’t.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

And that’s personal!


You might be a busy entrepreneur who struggles to get a handle on this “personal” stuff.  After all, you might figure, the best way to build those know-like-trust factors with your clients is to treat them well and do great work for them.  And that’s certainly true.

But how do you get them to know you, to like you, and (most importantly) to trust you enough to get them to give you that first opportunity to wow them?

It’s not that hard to “get personal” with your customers when they walk into your physical store, where you (or your cheerful employee) can start the relationship with a warm personal greeting.  But in cyberspace – where many clients start to learn about you from your “web presence” – that handshake and greeting aren’t possible.

So many business owners find the answer lies in creating an “explainer video” – a video introduction to your prospective customers that lets them quickly get to know both you and your business in a positive way.

Three Key “How-Tos” When Creating An Explainer Video

You’ve seen them on websites, on social media, even wandering around YouTube: short videos, half-a-minute to two minutes long, that introduce a business person and their firm in a positive, upbeat, helpful way.

There are a few important points to remember when creating your explainer video to help maximize its effectiveness as a marketing tool.


Don’t be “plastic.”

Sure, you can hire a $2,000/hour production company to make your all-singing, all-dancing explainer video, complete with Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep portraying you in the blockbuster movie about how your office supply delivery business is the best in all the land. But you shouldn’t do that. How would that build the know-like-trust factors in you?

Instead, use the awesome video camera on your cell phone… get an inexpensive tripod for it… set it up on your desk or somewhere else that’s “you” (being conscious of the background),and record your video yourself. It’s you you’re introducing… your ideal prospects have already heard of Hanks and Streep.


Don’t be self critical.

You have to push through all the un-helpful programming we all have about how you should be seen and not heard… how you’re not enough of an expert… how you look and sound horrible on video. Write a rough outline of what you want to say (maybe just a few bullet points) and “practice” by actually recording your video a few times. Like, twenty times. You’ll hate every “take” – but the fact is, the one take you hate the least will undoubtedly be “good enough.”

And that should be your goal. Good enough. We’re not going for Casa Blanca here. If you go for “perfect,” you’ll never create an explainer video. And, okay, you may not be the world’s foremost expert on your topic… but who can afford to hire the guy or woman who is? You are a likeable, approachable, trustworthy expert in your business – the one who knows it better than anyone – and someone your ideal customer can do business with. And get this: even a little fumbling or stammering will only make your video – and you – more real to the viewer.


Don’t be a windbag.

You don’t need to tell the story of your founding, describe every policy and procedure you use, or give an exhaustive historical record of your firm. Just pick The Big Three – three “differentiators” that make your business stand out – and chat with your ideal prospects about those. What three things (or two, or four) do you do very well, that your competitors don’t do (or don’t do well), and that your customers really need and value? Spend no more than two minutes talking about those, and you’ll have a great explainer video for your business.

You might want to make other videos in the future that talk about particular case studies – success stories about how you solved a customer’s problem or met a need. Or about a new product or service you’re introducing, or a special you’ve got going on. Once you get the hang of video marketing, the sky’s the limit! But for your introductory explainer, just stick to The Big Three. Remember, this is your ideal customer’s first introduction to your business, in all likelihood.

Once you have a solid “take” in the can, you’ll have a great tool to use in marketing your business.  You’ll upload it to your YouTube channel (and if you don’t have one, it’s easy to get one)… the video will be assigned a URL, and you’ll be able to use that to post the video to your website, your social media, and so forth. 

If you are managing your own web presence, your explainer video will be one of the easiest (and most important) tools in your digital marketing toolbox.  If you have a web developer on your team, though (like the experts at Max Height Web Solutions), things get even easier… they’ll take care of posting your video for you. 

And your ideal prospects will have a quick, fun way to get to know you and your business… and exactly how you can help them.

Jeffrey Atherton

Jeffrey Atherton is Owner/Designer/Developer/Instructor at Max Height Web Solutions located in Littleton, Colorado. Max Height Web Solutions helps small, medium and start-up businesses create and grow their web presence using a proven strategy including websites, social media, SEO, blogging, email marketing, video and content marketing. Jeffrey regularly blogs about all things related to creating and growing web presence.