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Are You Tired of Trying to Learn from a Video

Online learning videos are EVERYWHERE!
But, are they REALLY effective at helping YOU master a skill?

The problem with video tutorials is:

  • You can't ask questions in real time
  • You can't get immediate feedback on what you're doing right or wrong
  • You can't find a video teaching the specific concept you need when you need it

I have a better solution.

Live, virtual one-on-one private lessons!

YES! You schedule your lesson when it's convenient for you. Then you and I have a LIVE, VIRTUAL, PRIVATE lesson.

The benefits with LIVE teaching are:

  • You can adjust the teaching style in real time to make the lesson most effective for YOU
  • You can ask questions at any time
  • You can get immediate feedback on how you're doing
  • You can request a customized lesson on any specific aspect the thing you want to learn
  • You can share your screen for immediate clarity

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Check Out What My Students Say

I started Photoshop with Jeffrey, and then in photography school had a few other instructors, Jeffrey was by far the best.I tested out of Photoshop 1 in college, because Jeffrey had taught me enough. I had a solid foundation for Photoshop 2 and 3 because of Jeffrey. My college experience and success would not have been possible had I not received such a good education in Photoshop from Jeffrey. He was instrumental.

John Edinger

Professional Photographer

Lessons with Jeffery are much more tailored to you as an individual learner. He is patient and intuitive, you can't get that from a YouTube video! I would recommend Jeffrey's Photoshop Mastery program! It is a thrill and a privilege to learn from him. For beginners, it's a must to have that one on one time with someone who is patient and will spend time going through each step with you.

Renee Harper

Marketing Director

Jordan Orleans

Jeffrey is a kind and honest professional; very knowledgeable about all things Photoshop related and graphic design in general. His Photoshop Mastery lessons are great and I would recommend them highly.

Jordan Orleans


Adobe Photoshop is an extremely complex and powerful graphic design tool. After years of unsuccessfully trying to master it on my own using online videos, I began taking Jeffrey's Photoshop Mastery lessons. WOW what a difference! From the very first lesson, I came away with a better understanding of Photoshop then all the many hours I spent with video tutorials! 

Dr Jeffrey Prystupa


About the Teacher


I'm  Jeffrey Atherton

I have been playing, working, creating & teaching with Adobe Photoshop since the mid 1990s (so, a LONG time!).

I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.

I am also a web developer and digital marketer (Max Height Web Solutions), so I use Photoshop in my work almost everyday.

I have been teaching Photoshop, both in classrooms and online, to groups and individuals since 2005.

I LOVE to share the creative power of Photoshop along with it's many nuances and secrets.

How can I help you master Photoshop?

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