Is Your Website Succeeding Or Failing?

Is Your Website Bringing New Customers And Generating Profit For Your Business?
Or Is It Wasting Your Time And Money

Your Website Should Be Making Money, Not Wasting It!

You can't afford to be wasting money on a website that is NOT HELPING your business!
If you're not certain whether your website is helping your business generate new customers and profit,
you could REALLY benefit from a website analysis from Max Height Web Solutions.

Find Out If Your Website...


The "rules" of the internet have changed A LOT in just the past few years! Has your website kept up?
Is it optimized for mobile devices?
Is it search engine friendly
Are ALL the images optimized and tagged?


You are too close to your products and services to judge if the message on your website is IMMEDIATELY clear to a stranger. We put your website through the "5 Second Test". Random people will view your landing page for 5 seconds, and then will answer the question -
What is the message?
What is the offer?
Who is this website for?

Max Height Web Solutions - Max Savvy


Your visitors should be able to find what they need within 2 clicks! The main menu should have no more than 6 main tabs.  Well organized drop down menus should be used for more complex navigation situations.