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If you have a business or a business idea, you're going to need a professional website.
You're also going to need to attract customers to that website. Some concepts that will become important as part of your business web presence, include:

  • How Do I Drive More Traffic To My Site?
  • How Do I Start An Online Business?
  • How Do I Set Up An Opt In Email List?
  • How Do I Run An Email Marketing Campaign?
  • How Do I Set Up A FaceBook Business Page?
  • Is Internet Advertising Worth It?
  • What Is Content Marketing and How Can I Use It?
  • How Do I Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • How Much Should A Website Cost?
  • Knowing who to trust and how much you should pay
  • Knowing who to trust and how much you should pay
  • And MUCH MORE...

How valuable would it be to pick up the phone and talk directly to a digital marketing specialist who had expert level experience in all those areas? Well, you don't have to guess at the value, you can find out easily enough!

Sheila Swanson -McIntyre


Excellent content! Jeff is a master communicator! He explains complicated "tech" in a way that's easily understandable to us "non-techies"


Jeffrey rocks and I never knew building a website could be SO much fun, I'm LOVING this! I have NEVER been a techie!

Danae Shanti
Colleen Renner


This online course was GREAT! If you have not met Jeffrey or taken any of his courses, you are missing out. I have learned so much and I'm only halfway throught the Web Presence Program! I've already received two new clients since following Jeffrey's advice and information. Jeffrey speaks in my terms; gives you tons of information; and gets you excited about learning. I totally recommend Jeffrey!

About the Expert

Jeffrey Atherton

Jeffrey Atherton
CEO & Owner of
Max Height Web Solutions

Jeffrey Atherton has been helping people create and grow their web presence since 2000. His web design and web marketing classes are always filled with appreciative future online entrepreneurs. Whether the classes are offline or online, the participants come away with a clear understanding of how to grow their online business, but they also have a website that is easy for them to add and edit content.

Jeffrey LOVES helping people build their online presence, whether it's their website, their social media network, a blog, an email list, web graphics, etc...

You have questions? Jeffrey has answers!

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