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Four Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

Max Height Web Solutions - Five Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

How Pros Use Blogs to Drive Traffic
and Dominate Digital Marketing


You have a powerful business idea. And now, equipped with a brilliant website and a fresh-and-blooming web presence, you’re ready to launch your first digital marketing campaign.

You’re on your way!  Now, to cook up some successful blog posts.

You know you need to start by creating great content and aiming it at your perfect customer. But this is all new. Maybe even a little scary. Maybe more than a little scary!

But with a simple recipe of four “key” ingredients, you can cook up web content your best prospective customers will welcome… and start them looking to you for solutions to the problems your business was built to solve.

Improve Your Home Page Conversion Rate

Optimize Your Home Page For Conversions - Max Height Web Solutions

If you have a business website, then one of your main goals is to improve the conversion rate of visitors into customers. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, a membership subscription or just building a fan base, your home page should be conversion focused.

The web design industry, though still very young, has learned much and evolved greatly over the past 20 years.

We know have a proven formula for designing and laying out content on a home or landing page.

Here is a detailed checklist of the type of content elements you should have on your home page to optimize it for converting your visitors into customers.

How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post - Max Height Web Solutions

How To Write A Blog Post

One thing our clients struggle with the most is how to write a blog post. You’ve created a site with WordPress, you’re energized with a message to share, and now you are ready to write a blog post. Oh wait… how DO you write a blog post?

Ask a writer what the hardest part is, and they will likely answer, “Getting started.” You may have an exciting idea, and feel totally frozen when it comes to expressing it. Don’t worry, there are some easy tricks to start your blog. 

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Increase Traffic To Your Website - Max Height Web Solutions

Is your website getting enough traffic?

More traffic means more customers buying your products, hiring your services, seeing your message, etc…

More traffic is ALWAYS a good thing!

Is your web PRESENCE optimized to drive waves of INTERESTED prospects to your offer?

Let’s run through the check list.

Should I Blog To Improve My Business Web Presence?

Should I Blog To Improve My Business Web Presence copy

When talking to clients, I often hear the question "Should I blog". And my answer is quite simply a big ‘YES’.

For the last ten years or so, social media has changed drastically. What was mainly used to communicate with friends, family, and fellows, is now being widely used to brand your business. And blogging is one of the best methods to brand yourself.

Though, blogging is not a new term anymore, people are still afraid to invest in this great method of bringing organic traffic. “Why people are afraid to invest in blogging” will be discussed in another blog. Here, we’ll talk of the benefits you’d get from your business blog.

Should I Hire Someone To Build My Website?

Should I Hire Someone To Build My Website copy

Should I hire someone to build my website?


First we need to explore the whys and the what-fors of your website project so we can decide if it is a fairly simple undertaking (DIY) or a complex task best left to the professionals (Max Height Web Solutions).

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