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Take Control Of Your Business Growth!

Max Height Web Solutions - Take Control of your Business Growth

Facebook Advertising Gives You Unprecedented Marketing Opportunity

You have a beautiful Facebook business page for your up-and-coming, fast-growing enterprise.


Now: How’s that working for you?

Are people seeing your page, and all the wonderful things you post to it?

Specifically, is your Facebook business page helping you grow your relationships with customers, suppliers, current employees, people who’ve written online reviews of your business, or those potential super-star teammates (or even business partners) who are out there, somewhere, hoping to get to know a business just like yours?

Most importantly, are your ideal prospective customers finding your Facebook page?  Are they learning about what makes you and your enterprise different… special… awesome?

Are You Hiding Your Business In The Wilderness?

Are You Hiding Your Business In The Wilderness

Social Media: Think Of It As The Modern-Day “Shopping Mall”

Congratulations on a beautiful website.

You have great copy… compelling offers… attractive graphics… iron-clad testimonials from happy clients… even a cool entertaining video describing exactly what your business does.

Hey, any prospective customer who sees that website is bound to take an interest in doing business with you!

So… is any prospective customer likely to see it?

How do you drive traffic to your site?  Particularly, how do you get your ideal prospects to find your superb website… and, by extension, your superb business?

Unleash The Power Of Your Business’ Blog

Max Height Web Solutions - Unleash The Power of Your Business Blog

Want An Effective Digital Marketing Presence?
Keep It Fresh

Dan Kennedy is one of the foremost marketing experts of our time.  His track record includes taking entrepreneurs from, well, entrepreneurial dreams to seven-figure incomes and multi-millionaire wealth.  He edits six business newsletters, and influences more than a million business owners every year.

Kim Walsh-Phillips is the CEO of Elite Digital Group, and an award-winning speaker, author, and marketer. She makes her entrepreneur clients wealthy by insisting they focus – like lasers – on results.  On the all-important Return On Investment (ROI) of every marketing dollar they spend.

Your Email List: Life Blood Of Your Marketing Efforts

When Prospects Are Involved, They’re Influenced

How effective is your business’ web presence?

These days, nearly every “serious” business has a website.  Most also have some presence on social media, review sites, and the like.

But you can tell how serious a business is about attracting, wowing, and retaining the best customers by looking at how they use their web presence.

How To Deliver A Unique Selling Proposition Your Prospects Will Instantly Get

Max Height Web Solutions - Deliver A Unique Proposition

You Have Five Seconds To Impress Me. Go.

You have a business that brings value to your prospects and customers.

So have your competitors.

You’ve invested in a web presence for your business.

So have your competitors.

You have a professional website that’s technically sound, loads fast, and looks beautiful.

So have your competitors.

When a stranger or prospect is looking for the products and services your business provides, of course, she’s going to whip out a cell phone or laptop and search for you on the internet.

She’s likely pressed for time… but she wants to get it right… so she might quickly look at 2-3 websites (the first ones she comes across) before deciding whom to call or visit.

Will you get her business?

How Often Should You Update Your Website

How Often Should You Update Your Website

It appears that some businesses are changing or updating their websites as frequently as every few minutes. While this seems to make sense for news sites and those that want to provide readers with up to date info, does this necessarily make sense for YOUR business website?

You would like to show your visitors that you are continuously innovating your business, but at the same time, does changing all the time, give visitors the impression that you simply can’t make up your mind about what you've to offer?

Here is what you should think about before you build your company website.

How And Why Strangers Find Your Business’ Website

Your Ideal Customer’s Journey To You Often Begins With A Simple Search

Back in the day, you flipped open the phone book to find a solution to a problem, or to look for the right business to meet a need or fulfill a want.

But when was the last time you looked something up in the phone book?

Nowadays, you look stuff up on the phone itself!

We’ve come a long way, Baby.

How Strangers Become Ambassadors For Your Business

How Strangers Become Ambassadors For Your Business

Four Key Steps In Your Ideal Customer’s Journey To You

As an entrepreneur, you know the “holy grail” of small business is to have customers who love you.

No, I don’t just mean customers who do business with you again and again. I’m talking about the kind of customers who develop a fanatical passion – downright ambassadorship! – for your business that makes your competitors green with envy (and your bottom-line unassailably “green,” too).

Hopefully, you are the entrepreneur who cultivates customer relationships that turn into ambassadorships.

But maybe you’re the green-with-envy business owner who looks at other businesses’ customer relationships and thinks, “Why can’t we have customers like that?”

You can!

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