Max Height Web Solutions Blogging Service

Thank you for purchasing Managed Blogging Services!

Depending on which package you bought, you will be seeing  either one or two blog articles each week posted to your website:

Theses blog articles will be written by professional ghost writers based on topics which you pre-select using the BLOG TOPIC FORM.
The articles will be posted to your blog each week and announced through your social network, thus driving more and more traffic to your site and educating your visitors all about your brand while creating goodwill and establishing you as a leader in your business.

REMEMBER – Choosing the blogging service shouldn’t excuse you from the responsibility of connecting with your audience. You should still do your best to write at least one article a month. After all this is your business and you do want it to be a reflection of your beliefs, philosophy and values, right? … Right?

Thank You For Trusting Max Height Web Solutions!

Jeffrey Atherton

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