Your business's domain name is VERY important!

Managing your own domain name means...

  • Paying yearly renewals
  • Understanding DNS (Domain Name Server)
  • ​Knowing how to making ACCURATE changes to your domain's DNS records
  • ​Managing your domain's email records and accounts​
  • Configuring MX records, A records and domain forwarding

You could save a few dollars a year and manage your own domain names.


You could simply let Max Height Web Solutions take care of all your domains for one low monthly price.

Your primary domain is already covered under your Max Height Web Solutions hosting/management plan.

If you would like to add other domain names to your plan, you may list them in the form below, and we'll take care of the rest!

We will let you know, by email, if your chosen domains are available and the link to sign-up for your monthly domain management service.

  • One domain name per line. Example:

Who Owns My Domain?

How Much Does Domain Management Cost?

Can I Manage My Domain Myself?