Episode 4: Interview with Michael Rocharde - Max Height Web Solutions

Episode 4: Interview with Michael Rocharde

The Web Presence Podcast with Jeffrey Atherton

Michael Rocharde invited me to be interviewed for his podcast THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ME. He asks the question “What is a website”? The discussion this triggers has a LOT of great information for anyone running (or starting) a business. It dispels many myths and clears much of the “fog” around creating the foundation of your web presence.

Jeffrey Atherton

Jeffrey Atherton is Owner/Designer/Developer/Instructor at Max Height Web Solutions located in Littleton, Colorado. Max Height Web Solutions helps small, medium and start-up businesses create and grow their web presence using a proven strategy including websites, social media, SEO, blogging, email marketing, video and content marketing. Jeffrey regularly blogs about all things related to creating and growing web presence.