May 7

FaceBook Ads Best Practices

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You don't have to be a best selling novelist or advertising specialist to create an engaging and compelling FaceBook ad.


Let your TRUE personality shine through your ad. Are you a "shoot-from-the-hip" type? A comedian? Story teller? Just the facts?Be yourself and be consistent throughout your campaigns and your audience will be drawn to you.



People scroll fast! Get the most important information out first. You are limited in the number of characters displayed on the different devices. What is the bottom line benefit to your customer? "Get More Customers", "Increase Your Profit", "Create Blog Content Fast", etc...


Put yourself in their shoes. What would motivate YOU to click on an ad. Appeal to their emotions. "More Time To Spend With Your Family", "Stop Worrying About Money", etc...HEADLINES THAT INSPIRE SHARING

Create shareable headlines, ad copy, images and video. People share posts that inspire them or that offer a clear solution to a shared problem. Clearly state the solution and the problem with an inspiring graphic or video and watch your ad go VIRAL!

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