Grow Your Online Business with 5 Common Sense Tips

Common sense is a funny phrase. If it is a sense that is supposedly common, then why do so many people lack this sense? Part of the problem is that many of us are simply too busy. We end up overlooking things that would otherwise be considered common sense. This is especially true when you are trying to run your own online business. Sometimes you need to take a pause and look at the big picture. This includes reviewing tips and suggestions that you may have known at one point but been too busy to consider.

To help you out here are 5 common sense tips for growing your online business.

#1 – Listen to Your Customers

Social media can be one of the biggest tools for promoting your brand, attracting new customers or clients, and keeping your existing customers. Whether you use Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, listen to what your customers are saying on social media. People are not afraid to give you their honest opinion about your online business.

Do not just listen to the praise or the thanks that customers give. You should also pay attention to negative comments and any questions that your customers post. Really listen to what your customers have to say because without these customers you will not have a business.

As a side note, be careful when responding to customers on social media. Never take a defensive stance towards a comment. If you disagree with a comment the best response you can give is no response at all.

#2 – Networking Can Be a Powerful Resource for Your Online Business

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Everyone knows that networking is a key part of running a business. This is true whether you are running an online business or a brick and mortar shop, yet not enough business owners place a focus on networking. Using social media and the traditional go-to networking platform – LinkedIn, you can connect with other like-minded individuals. This could include other online businesses within your niche or people that operate within the same sphere as your business. For example, if you run a self-help website, it could be useful to connect with people that work in the self-help business.

Networking is about more than creating potential sales leads. It is also about meeting people with knowledge that could be beneficial to you. The connections you make could be the difference that helps you truly grow your online business. Whether you need to outsource work to keep customers, seek advice from other business owners, or possibly gain a few sales leads, networking is able to help your online business in many different ways.

#3 – Time is Money

This next common sense tip for growing your online business is something that you have probably heard thousands of time – time is money. The reason you hear this so often is because it is true. When you work for yourself, it is easy to get distracted or not prioritize your time efficiently.

Not only should you pay attention the amount of time you spend on a project or task, it is also important to avoid spending too much time on your business. If you devote too much of your time to your online business, you run the risk of stretching yourself too thin. You may end up making mistakes or unsound business decisions. Instead of working from sun-up to sundown, create a work schedule. Set your own hours and try to stick to them.

#4 – Stand Out from the Competition

You can attempt to make a better product than your competition, but this may not really help you stand out from the competition. The chances are that if your product is better it may also cost more. Sometimes customers will simply choose the most affordable option. Instead of focusing on making a product or service, try to make something different from the products or services offered by your competition.

Whenever you are developing a product or service, instead of asking yourself, “how can I make this better?”, ask yourself, “how can I make this different?”. Offering something different from your competition is one of the greatest ways to stand out and attract new customers. This becomes more important when your online business is focused on a large market with high competition.

#5 – Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

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The final common sense tip that many people forget – do not be afraid to ask for help. This tip goes back to the networking suggestion. If you have a group of people that understand your online business, you have resources available to help you out. You should never be afraid to ask someone for help. Whether you need help determining if you are making the right decisions or you need help overcoming a complicated task, you will never be able to take care of absolutely everything on your own.

If you are interested in growing your online business and you would like some help, you are already in the right spot. In addition to asking for help from people that you connect with through social media or LinkedIn, feel free to ask me anything related to running and operating an online business. I would love to answer your questions. For further assistance, take a moment to learn more about my online webinars. Through these webinars, I offer business owners the opportunity to learn more about setting up a website for their online business and using online marketing to reach a larger audience.

Thanks for reading and remember to send me any questions that you have about running an online business.

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