Should I Hire Someone To Build My Website?

Should I hire someone to build my website?


First we need to explore the whys and the what-fors of your website project so we can decide if it is a fairly simple undertaking (DIY) or a complex task best left to the professionals (Max Height Web Solutions).



Do you have ANY budget or funding for the project?

If the answer is “NO”, then hiring someone to build your website is NOT an option so you will need to start out with a very simple website which you can build yourself using one of the website builders mentioned later in this post..

“But my friend Jimmy said he’d build my website for $400”!

If someone offers to build you a website for $400, that is a STRONG indication that they are NOT a professional web developer. That is a situation which could actually end up costing you MORE money in the long run.

I have plenty of examples of having to fix websites started by amateurs and hobbyists. Often, the website is such a mess, it’s better (and cheaper) to start from scratch!

If you do plan to hire someone to build your website, make sure they know their stuff! Find out what questions to ask in your interview with web designers and developers. Download our FREE resource 14 WAYS TO TELL IF A WEB DEVELOPER KNOWS THEIR STUFF!


What type of website do you need?

Our list of website types may help you answer this question.



Online Store with online payments

  • Shipped products
  • Downloads
  • Subscriptions (restricted access)
  • Services

Hire A Professional

Online store with offline payments

  • Paying by check

Hire A Professional


  • Blog page
  • About page
  • Contact page



  • About page
  • Gallery page
  • Contact page



  • User registration
  • Log in
  • User Accounts

Hire A Professional

Information Collection

  • Online forms to be filled out by your website visitors

Hire A Professional

If you want to sell something and be able to accept money online, you should DEFINITELY hire a professional web developer who specializes in eCommerce (online payments).

There is a LOT that goes into a website that accepts online payments and you can get yourself into a HOT MESS if you don’t have a professional specialist to take care of all the technical “moving parts”.

If, however, you just need an online portfolio or blog, you can build it yourself rather simply, by using one of the MANY website builders available on the web

Many of these web builders are free or very inexpensive to get started. The cost goes up as you add functionality and additional options.

If you need more functionality, applications or complex navigation on your website, you should hire a professional web developer who will know the right questions to ask and will create a relevant plan or blueprint of the website before coding a single line.


If you’re not sure whether your website project fits the do-it-yourself category, you should consult with a web professional (like us!).

Many web professionals will give you an honest (and free) assessment of your web project. You’ll need to answer a few questions and be honest about your budget (or lack thereof).

Good luck with your web project!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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