How To Write A Blog Post

One thing our clients struggle with the most is how to write a blog post. You’ve created a site with WordPress, you’re energized with a message to share, and now you are ready to write a blog post. Oh wait… how DO you write a blog post?

Ask a writer what the hardest part is, and they will likely answer, “Getting started.” You may have an exciting idea, and feel totally frozen when it comes to expressing it. Don’t worry, there are some easy tricks to start your blog. 


Here are four ways to get your fingers typing:

1.  Ask a Question

Start your blog post by asking a question. It helps guide your writing and keep your thoughts focused. Even if the question itself doesn’t end up being the title of your blog post, or even show up anywhere IN your blog post, have a question in mind.

Ask A Question To Start Your Blog

Ask A Question To Start Your Blog

Blogs are often “how to” guides, or offer solutions to a common problem. Thinking in terms of answering a question can keep your blog active and give your readers the feeling that they can put your ideas to use right away.

2.  Keep your message simple, but specific.

Keep Your Blog Specific

Keep Your Blog Specific

The more specific your post, the more interesting it will be. If the topic you want to address seems too complex or “big-picture,” try picking one aspect of the idea and hone in on it. When a message is about a specific issue, readers will more easily relate it to personal examples in their own life. This keeps your blog post relevant.

Keep your language practical and easy to digest. Unlike an essay, a blog post is meant to be read quickly, almost skimmed through! If people want to read Nietzsche, they’ll devote a couple hours in a library.

3.  Have a genuine interest in helping people.

Have A Genuine Interest In Helping People

Have A Genuine Interest In Helping

If your intention to help others is honest and earnest, it will come through in your writing. Writers who don’t care about their readers will not put the same effort into their blogs. People may skim over your blog first to see if it grabs their attention.

If you don’t truly care about your readers, they’ll pick up on it right away. If it speaks to them, they will likely investigate your site further, giving you more opportunities to gain their trust.

4.  Find a Mentor

Most successful bloggers I’ve known had a mentor. A mentor is different than a teacher. If you’re looking to be taught, you might take a class or buy a book. There are tons of ways just to learn how to do things. The internet is overflowing with information, and anyone with wifi can access it!

Find A Blog Mentor

Find A Blog Mentor

Having mentor means a more personal relationship. A mentor can share their own experience, give advice customized to you, and also tip you off to pitfalls along the way. A mentor is there when you have an problem in your path or need to ask a specific question.

In Rachelle Gardner’s blog post (, she gives multiple resources for blogging mentors, and says her client had read “all the recommended websites about blogging, and even got the book Blogging for Dummies. But it all still seemed so overwhelming. Can you relate?”

You can’t substitute conversation. Talking with someone more experienced about a shared interest leads to Inspiration Conversation. Verbalize your thoughts, and you’ll bring out your own passion, ideas, and motivation in a way that no article or information-gathering can do. What could replace a live exchange with a trusted mentor?

It’s not just about answers, it’s about perspective.

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