Opt In Email List Best Practices

Do you hate spam? I’m sure you probably do and you are not alone. Businesses have been using targeted email lists since the beginning of the internet. It is a commonly used method for promoting a business, but there can be a fine line between sending out informative emails and sending out spam.

Using an opt in email list, you can keep your customers up-to-date with your latest products, services, or promotional sales. Overall, it’s a great way to keep your customers informed, when used correctly; however, if you do not follow proper email techniques, you may drive your existing and potential customers away. The last thing you want to do with any email list is end up unintentionally spamming your potential customers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you start planning your targeted email campaign:

  • Only use a curated list (create your own list)
  • Allow people to opt in and opt out of your email list
  • Include registration through social media
  • Provide free giveaways and require opting into your email list
  • Do not purchase email lists from a third-party
  • Avoid sending out too many emails
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Acquiring Registered Users

Your email list should be created through an opt in setup, where users that choose to receive emails from you sign up to be added to your email list. There are many different ways to acquire new registrations to your list. You could provide giveaways, such as training videos or instructional PDFs, promote your business through social media, or include a registration/subscription option on your website. In fact, you may even want to combine different methods of acquiring users or consider creating multiple email lists focused on various categories of products or services.

Do Not Purchase Email Lists

During your search for targeted email campaign info, you may have come across websites that offer to sell you email lists. Here is why buying email lists is a bad idea:

  • These people did not give you permission to send them emails
  • You have no relationship with these people
  • They could report your brandĀ as a spam contributor
  • Your brand will get a bad reputation and bad word of mouth

This is never a good idea, as you never know whether these customers have any interest in your specific products or services. These lists are typically sold and passed around various groups and businesses without the consent of the names and email addresses on the list. Your best bet is to skip these lists all together and develop your own curated list.

Avoid Sending Out Too Many Emails

Having an opt in email list is the perfect opportunity for direct sales and marketing. You are reaching out to people that chose to receive emails from you, but you may want to avoid sending out too many emails. For example, a customer that receives an email from you several times a day might eventually think of your emails as spam, and request to be removed from your list. Setup an email schedule, such as once per week or every two weeks. You should also pick a day of the week for sending out your emails. Customers will come to expect emails from your business on these days and know to look out for them.

Promoting Products or Services

The main goal of any marketing material should be to inform and educate your potential customers. The same is true with sending out emails; though, you have the option to gear your email content more towards promoting products or services. Remember, the people on your email list chose to signup to receive emails. While you shouldn’t throw a heavy sales pitch at the people on your email list, you can offer informative details about a specific product or service. I like to use an 80/20 rule when sending emails to my list.

  • 80% informative and helpful information for theirĀ benefit
  • 20% product/service offers
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Using Email Campaign Software

Even though it is possible to manage a reasonably sized email list without the need for additional software, there are quite a few programs out there that are designed for the management and scheduling of an opt in email list. Some of these programs will even help you create registration options, whether you want to include a signup form on your website, in a social media post, or as part of a giveaway. These programs can be especially useful when managing multiple lists or lists that contain hundreds of emails. Several of these email campaign programs are available for free, with a limit on the number of emails in a list, while other programs may require a monthly fee.

The Bottom Line

If you pay attention to how you go about acquiring names and emails for your targeted email list, you should have no problem avoiding spamming your list. Allow people to opt in and opt out of your email list, create a schedule for sending out emails, and consider what information you want to include in your emails. Basically, think about what you would do when you receive emails from a business. How often do you receive them? What type of content do they contain? Creating a targeted email list does not have to be a complicated process, just take the time to use this marketing technique wisely.

Thanks for reading, if you want to learn more about targeted email lists or any other aspect of online marketing, feel free to send me a message or browse some of the other content on my site.

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