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Welcome New PREMIUM Hosting Member!

Max Height Premium Hosting is the easiest, most effective way to host your website.


  • One hour of website content updates each month
  • 50% off hourly rate
  • Monthly check in and strategy discussion
  • Daily backups
  • Roll-backs
  • Weekly updates to your plugins, themes and WordPress core
  • Monthly web traffic reports in your inbox
  • SPAM and revisions clean up
  • Database optimization
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Email account management
  • Phone tech support


  • You always know how successful your website is
  • No more wondering whether your website is performing for you or not
  • You have a familiar tech partner taking care of all the “techie” stuff
  • Rest assured that your website is secure and up-to-date
  • Your questions and concerns are answered quickly and clearly
  • Your business will grow
  • Your profits will increase
  • You’ll do the Happy Dance

Contact me if you have ANY questions.

Thank you for trusting Max Height Web Solutions with your web site hosting.