Quality Customer Service Begins with Social Media

The old phrase “the customer is always right” is a staple of quality customer service. Without customers, you would not have a business. Even when you know the customer is not completely in the right, you still need to maintain the mindset that they are. This is simply a part of quality customer service; though, there is more to customer relations than dealing with complaints.

Customers can also provide your business with praise, advice, or constructive criticism. You can use these comments to improve your product or service. In the past, consumers would have to send letters or call a 1-800 number. Thanks to the power of the internet, consumers can now connect directly with businesses using various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Has social media become the new face of quality customer service?

Social media can be a powerful resource for connecting and engaging with customers. You can provide them with additional details about your product services and other useful information. You just need to make sure that you understand how to interact with your customers using social media platforms.

Here are some of the best tips and suggestions for commenting and responding to your customers or clients on social media.

#1 – Everything You Post is Public

Social media offers a unique challenge. You have probably heard of at least one story where a business has provided a negative response to a customer – who in turn shares that response with everyone they know. Within minutes, anything that you say to a customer could be viewed by thousands of other people.

You should always use the mindset that anything you share is available to the public. Even when you send a customer a direct message, they could choose to share this with others or make it public.

#2 – Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Five to ten years ago, most entrepreneurs would tell you that a business without a website is not a modern business. Now, the same is being said about social media. You need to be active on social media. Not only to respond to customers and provide them with useful information but to increase your online presence and reach new potential customers.

There are almost a dozen different popular social media platforms to choose from. You do not need to setup an account with every platform, but you should remain active on least a couple of the most popular sites. If nothing else, create a Facebook page for your business. Earlier this year, Facebook finally surpassed 1 billion active users.

This does not mean that Facebook is your only option. If you want to engage with a younger audience, you may want to consider using Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram. Especially if you share a lot of photos of projects, services, and products. For a business that is geared more towards technology, Google Plus has a user base that is predominately comprised of people interested in technology and gadgets.

#3 – Social Media is an Extension of Quality Customer Service

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Social Media is an Extension of Quality Customer Service Share on X[/su_pullquote]

Your social media activity is a major part of delivering quality customer service. Once you have your social media account setup, you need to treat your business profile as an extension of your customer service department. Even if your business is a one-person operation, keep your personal profile separate from your business profile. Anything that you share, from your business profile, could be viewed and re-shared by your customers.

Always take a pause before posting on social media to maintain quality customer service. Ask yourself some of the following questions before posting:

  • How does this post benefit my customers?
  • Does this post contain any real value?
  • Is this post negative or controversial?
  • Do I want my customers to share this post?

If you do not think that the post offers any benefit to your customers, then you have no reason to post it. The main takeaway here is that you need to be careful about what you post. Remember that your social media profile is part of quality customer service.

#4 – Pay Attention to Your Social Media Profile

Most social media platforms allow you to receive email notifications. Double check the privacy and notification settings on your social media profile and ensure you are receiving notifications whenever a customer shares or comments on one of your posts.

Try to make the effort to check your social media account early in the day. Perhaps after checking your morning emails, take a few minutes to browse your social media profile and look for any new activity.

#5 – Use the Right Tone of Voice for Quality Customer Service

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Use the Right Tone of Voice for Quality Customer Service Share on X[/su_pullquote]

Whenever you respond to a message or comment on social media, use the right tone of voice. The way you construct your message can go a long way towards keeping your customer happy.

The first step, in determining the tone to use, is to look at the tone of the initial message. Decide on the tone that you should use by looking at the tone your customer uses. Here are a few general rules to deciding on the right style to use when responding to customers on social media:

  • Does your customer appear angry or frustrated? You should first empathize with your customer and then apologize.
  • Does your customer appear to have difficulty with your native language? If the customer does not seem to fully grasp the English language, you may want to avoid using slang. Keep the message short and direct.
  • Does your customer use a lot of slang, emoticons, or exclamation points? In these situations, you can mimic their personality. Feel free to be more playful with your response.

Be Careful with Your Social Media Activity

If you create a social media profile for your business, then this profile is a reflection of your business. You should consider any messages or posts that you send as public information – even if you share a direct message with a customer. You need to think of your social media profile as part of your business and as a major component of quality customer service.

Hopefully, these tips will help. But if you need any further advice, I am always available to answer your questions or concerns. Feel free to leave a comment or take a look at some of my other useful posts for businesses.

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