Love it or hate it, over 1 BILLION people are on social media in one form or another! You can’t ignore this powerful medium. If you don’t want to spend the time learning and maintaining an active social media presence, you will need to hire someone who will.

An active social marketing program will build a community of followers and fans of your brand, products and services. Posts will get shared, retweeted, replies, comments, clicks. All this activity will expand your web presence and help to establish you brand as an authority in your market.

Which is why I'm offering The Max Height Social Media Service

We will create, customize and manage a branded FaceBook page for your business. We will post at least 3 times every week. 

Post content will include:

  • Upcoming Events for your business
  • Business news and updates
  • "Fun Facts" and industry news (your industry)
  • Stories
  • Blog articles from your website
  • Related info
  • Text, video and images
  • Links back to your website

Optional FaceBook ad campaigns can be ordered anytime and for any amount. There is a $5 a day, one day minimum. We will create a targeted FaceBook campaign to drive interested customers to your phone, store, and/or website. You'll be AMAZED at the return on investment that a properly configured FaceBook ad campaign can generate!
Call today for more information. 

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If this sounds like something you could benefit from, submit the form below and we will contact you shortly. We'll have your social network driving traffic to your website in no time!

Once your social media service is set up, you will receive an email with all the access information to your new social network. You should plan to connect with your followers from time to time. Don't be a "Silent Partner" in your own business!

REMEMBER - If you have ANY questions about what to do and how to do it - ASK ME!
The world NEEDS to know what your doing and YOU need to take part in informing them!!