Max Height Web Solutions - Teach Me How To Build Me A Website

I use WordPress as my "Tool-Of-Choice" to build websites these days. I also use WordPress to TEACH web building because of the low learning curve. With very little technical experience, one will have a fully functioning professional looking website installed and working within a day!

It's always best to already have much of the content (text, images, video, audio, etc...) created before you start building your website. However, sometimes you need to see the website come together first to inspire the creation of the page content. In this situation professional web designers use what's called "filler content".

If you already have a good idea what you want to say on each of your pages, so much the better. Make sure to bring any and all content with you to class.


My rate for private one-on-one teaching is $70/hour
My group classes and workshops are a bargain because you get a 2 hour workshop for $70!
One month of FREE hosting is included!

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