Should I Blog To Improve My Business Web Presence?

When talking to clients, I often hear the question "Should I blog". And my answer is quite simply a big ‘YES’.

For the last ten years or so, social media has changed drastically. What was mainly used to communicate with friends, family, and fellows, is now being widely used to brand your business. And blogging is one of the best methods to brand yourself.

Though, blogging is not a new term anymore, people are still afraid to invest in this great method of bringing organic traffic. “Why people are afraid to invest in blogging” will be discussed in another blog. Here, we’ll talk of the benefits you’d get from your business blog.


The Benefits of Blogging to Refine Your Business Web Presence

While there are tons of benefits from business blogging, here are 3 of the top rewards.

1. Blogs Bring Organic Traffic

Google loves organic. They do have paid campaigns as a sidekick to market your business. But, Google also knows that paid campaigns are not what users like.

You have a Facebook account, right? How many Facebook ads do you see each time you sign in? And how many times do you click on those ads?

Jayson DeMers

Jayson DeMers

contributor for FORBES 

" you add more content to your site, more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic."

While these ads will help you bring in more traffic, they aren’t the only method to show your web presence. Here comes the value of blogging.

Every time you write a blog post, Google will index this new page and it increases the chance of improving your business web presence. How does that sound?

But remember, there are certain rules of blogging which we’ll discuss later.

2. From Traffic to Lead Generation

Once you are getting a rising number of traffic every day, your chances of converting this traffic to leads also rises.

This will not happen in a day or two. Blogging is a responsibility and comes with patience and discipline. How long it takes for you to bring engaging, traffic depends on the marketing strategy you are following. And then how to convert that traffic into sales, is a blend of your sales tone and marketing strategies.

Now to the conversion process. The conversion process starts with the first few lines of your blog to the final call-to-action. The first few lines are always the hardest part. It’s where you could grab a reader’s attention and guide that reader to move forward.

Once your reader reaches the ground (call-to-action), he/she must find something amazing. Call-to-action is where you make your offer. Offer them something undeniable. I’m sure you’ve seen many blogs offering free ebooks or other type of free incentive (lead magnet). All these are used to engage the user more, helping them come back again, helping the website to rank better, and hence, helping convert more business.

3. Blogs will Build a Trust

Your expertise in a subject will create a trust factor. If you blog with full authenticity, readers would start relying on your information. They’d prefer you over others. And once they have a trust on you, they’d start advocating you and your business.

I really admire Neil Patel and Moz. Without any doubt, they have been doing a great job. And they offer so many things to learn. And for me, these two sources are at the top when I need to find something new about content marketing.

For you to create such a strong bond, you’d start looking what people are searching for. Find their problems. And then create a plan which incorporate answers to their worries in a friendly tone.

With this, also try to share updated information on timely basis.

You need to find all those methods which will help come more on your business blog, stay long, and share their comments. The more readers do this, the stronger relation you’d develop.



  • Attracts Organic Traffic
  • Generates Leads
  • Builds Trust


  • Time Intensive
  • Requires Discipline
  • Writers Block

4. Time to Invest in Business Blogging

Now that you have 3 of the best purposes of having blogging to improve your business web presence, you must not waste time anymore. Create a plan, write some blogs, and start posting them.

And if you find it tough to blog yourself, have a professional blog writer do it for you!

Check out the Max Height Blogging Service.​

Key Takeaway

Consistent blogging will:

  • Build your brand authority
  • Give Google more search terms (keywords) to use
  • Educate and enlighten you customers AND prospects
  • Drive your social media traffic back to your website

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