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Four Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

Four Key Ingredients of Successful Blog Posts

How Pros Use Blogs to Drive Traffic
and Dominate Digital Marketing


You have a powerful business idea. And now, equipped with a brilliant website and a fresh-and-blooming web presence, you’re ready to launch your first digital marketing campaign.

You’re on your way!  Now, to cook up some successful blog posts.

You know you need to start by creating great content and aiming it at your perfect customer. But this is all new. Maybe even a little scary. Maybe more than a little scary!

But with a simple recipe of four “key” ingredients, you can cook up web content your best prospective customers will welcome… and start them looking to you for solutions to the problems your business was built to solve.

Using Technology for Business Office Automation

office automation

Even if you do not realize it, technology is a major part of any modern business. The use of office automation software and technology has completely changed the way many tasks are handled.

The most commonly used office automation technology is financial software for automating payroll, invoicing, and other finances. Though, there are many other ways that you can use technology to automate tasks. With the right software, you can improve productivity and streamline your daily business operations.

How Can Business Office Automation Software Help You?

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To explore the many ways that technology can free up time and save you money, you will need to evaluate your current business operations. Consider each department within your company and ask yourself, “which repetitive tasks eat up the most time?”

Look for ways that you can incorporate office automation software to handle common tasks. This could include automating targeted email campaigns or even inventory management.

What are Some Examples of Office Automation Software?

Almost any task that you complete on the computer on a regular basis can be automated using special software or web-based applications. These applications can free up manpower, save costs, and eliminate the risk of human error. Here are a few examples of tasks that can easily be outsourced to your computer:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Social media posting
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Employee scheduling
  • Invoicing and inventory management
  • Payroll and other bookkeeping tasks

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to tasks and procedures for keeping track of customers. This includes contact information, sending out newsletters or updates to customers, responding to customer inquiries, and automated responders. These are tasks that you may commonly perform in order to keep up with your customers and meet their demands. Using a CRM office automation application, you can automate the majority of your customer relationship tasks.

Record keeping is another area where office automation is useful. From inventory management to payroll, all of your bookkeeping should be handled electronically. You can save time handling payroll, quarterly taxes, and all of your business finances.

Along with office automation software for record keeping, with an automated backup service, you can ensure you always have duplicates of any invoices or other records. You will never have to worry about losing an important document, receipt, or other file.

Office Automation Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Strategy

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While streamlining finances and customer relations are great reasons to use office automation technology to improve your business, one of the greatest examples of office automation in action is using software for your marketing strategies.

Targeted email campaigns, social media posting, and other marketing tasks can be automated with easy-to-use office automation software. When you are dealing with hundreds of emails, in a targeted email campaign, you need some type of software to manage contact lists, subscribers, and the sending of mass emails. Set an automated schedule to send out newsletters, sales information, and social media posts.

Using office automation for marketing also provides you with analytics. Track the success of your marketing efforts, examine the statistics about your email campaigns or the number of people that have interacted with your social media postings.

Examine Your Current Business Practices and Evaluate Your Daily Operations

Technology is everywhere, there is no getting around it. If you want to cut down on marketing costs, consider using some form of office automation software. Examine your current business practices and evaluate which tasks could be completed, or at least streamlined, by using available technology. Consider the amount of time that you or your employees spend on different tasks and then find the right office automation software.

Look into different software that is designed to provide specific office automation services, including marketing solutions, bookkeeping, and any other business operations.

Many of these office automation services or applications have a monthly fee or a larger one-time fee. When you consider the number of hours that you can free up, office automation is almost always a good idea.

Using technology for business office automation is not a new concept. With every new development in technology, businesses look for ways to cut costs, free up manpower, and reduce the risk of human error. We may even get to the point where 99% percent of your business is automated using computers, but for now – make an effort to find office automation software for your most time-consuming tasks.

10 Ways To Build Your Email List

Emai lList Building



Whether you like it or not, email marketing works! There are 2 paths from which to choose. Ethical or unethical. Most of you already know what unethical email marketing looks like. It’s called SPAM! That is not the path I will be offering. Contained here is a list of 10 ways to ethically create and grow your email list so you can stay in contact with your customers (past, current and future).

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1. How To Grow Your Email List And Build Your Tribe

grow your email list build your tribe


2. How To Build Your Email List



3. How To Choose A Solid Email Service

find the best email service for your business


4. Building Your Email List From Scratch

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5. How To Use Social Media To Build Your Email List

Managing Your Social Media Workshop


6. How To Build And Grow Your Email List



7. How To Build An Email Campaign When Your Client Has No List



8. How To Build An Email List For Your Business

Build an email list


9. How To Build Your List Without Giving Away an MP3

Building your email list without MP3s


10. How To Balance Multiple Projects While Building Your List

Nathalie Lussier Quote

5 Key Components of Effective Online Branding

For most businesses, a major part of success comes from the connection that they can make with their customers. This includes the building of your online brand. When you are able to expand your online branding, customers can easily identify what it is that you are offering and why they should choose your products or services.

What is Online Branding?

The term online branding gets tossed around a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Online branding simply refers to how your business entity is perceived by customers online. At the simplest level – your brand is your business or your primary products and services.

Online branding is a large factor, when it comes to increasing your online presence. Sure, you can spend money on pay-per-click advertising, targeted email campaigns, and other forms of online marketing, but those methods only bring the customers to your doorstep.

Why should they step inside and look at what you have to offer? If you have a clear, direct message, customers will know what to expect and will become more likely to explore your website and browse your products or services.

With effective online branding, you can reach more potential customers and drive more traffic to your website. To ensure you are going about the process of building your online brand correctly, look over these 5 key components for effective online branding.

#1 – Research Your Audience

The first step to take is researching your audience. If you want to build your brand, you need to know who your audience is. Learn more about what they are looking for. Determine who your key demographic is. Create a standard customer profile and include the typical age, gender, occupation, income, region, and interests of your core customers.

Obviously, you may not have a just one type of customer that you are targeting, but focusing on a specific demographic can help you learn how to effectively target your customers. By narrowing down your attention to a single customer profile, you can develop your marketing skills and begin building your online brand. Eventually, you will be able to take these same steps to target other demographics.

#2 – Decide On Your Message

After researching your core audience, decide on the message that you want to deliver. What is it about your products or services that you would like your customers to know about? Focus on creating a voice for your brand. Remain consistent with the way that you deliver your message. This includes the tone that you use in your marketing, blog articles, and product descriptions.

Keep this tone in mind, whenever you engage in any form of marketing. Speak to your audience, converse with them, but do not throw content at them.

#3 – Use Multiple Marketing Methods for Online Branding

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You should never fully rely on one method of marketing. Try to include multiple marketing efforts, including social media postings, blog articles, targeted email campaigns, and provide them with relevant content. In fact – the majority of the content that you deliver to your audience should be useful, relevant information that they can actually use.

As you explore different channels for reaching your audience, again, remember to focus on sticking to your original message and tone. Consistently use the same techniques to build your online brand. Inconsistency will drive them away or even confuse your audience.

#4 – Include Social Media Integration

As mentioned, social media posting should be a part of your marketing efforts. It is a great way to reach your audience and actively engage them in conversation. People can easily comment on your posting and ask you direct questions. They can share the information that you provide, building more backlinks for your website and increasing social media chatter.

If you have no idea what type of content you should be offering your audience, take a look at your competitors. You should never try to emulate your competition, but looking at their efforts, their branding, can help point you in the right direction. See if they are more active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus.

#5 – Increase Exposure Using Online Branding

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Using multiple marketing methods and including social media integration is all part of the overall goal – increasing your online exposure. Start building your online reputation and getting your name out there.

One way to increase your exposure is to network more with your peers. Increase your reputation as a voice of authority in your industry. Your peers will recognize your value and even share your posts and blog articles with their own customers.

Putting It All Together

Combining these concepts and putting it all together, you can begin promoting your online brand and expanding your market base. Always start with a solid profile of your core audience. Learn more about their interests. Use this information to decide on what type of message you need to deliver and the tone that you should use for your online brand.

Make sure that you employ a variety of marketing methods, with a large focus on social media integration. Interact with your customers and respond to their comments on social media or on your blog articles. Combine all of these methods to increase your online exposure and promote your brand.

The Web Presence Institute

Following these steps is not overly complicated, but if you need help – there are plenty of resources available, including a variety of webinars that will walk you through the process setting up your website, your social media profiles, and using online marketing to reach your customers. Learn more about the Web Presence Institute, in order to expand your online brand and increase your web presence.

Opt In Email List Best Practices

Targeted Email List Best Practices

Do you hate spam? I’m sure you probably do and you are not alone. Businesses have been using targeted email lists since the beginning of the internet. It is a commonly used method for promoting a business, but there can be a fine line between sending out informative emails and sending out spam.

Using an opt in email list, you can keep your customers up-to-date with your latest products, services, or promotional sales. Overall, it’s a great way to keep your customers informed, when used correctly; however, if you do not follow proper email techniques, you may drive your existing and potential customers away. The last thing you want to do with any email list is end up unintentionally spamming your potential customers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you start planning your targeted email campaign:

  • Only use a curated list (create your own list)
  • Allow people to opt in and opt out of your email list
  • Include registration through social media
  • Provide free giveaways and require opting into your email list
  • Do not purchase email lists from a third-party
  • Avoid sending out too many emails
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Acquiring Registered Users

Your email list should be created through an opt in setup, where users that choose to receive emails from you sign up to be added to your email list. There are many different ways to acquire new registrations to your list. You could provide giveaways, such as training videos or instructional PDFs, promote your business through social media, or include a registration/subscription option on your website. In fact, you may even want to combine different methods of acquiring users or consider creating multiple email lists focused on various categories of products or services.

Do Not Purchase Email Lists

During your search for targeted email campaign info, you may have come across websites that offer to sell you email lists. Here is why buying email lists is a bad idea:

  • These people did not give you permission to send them emails
  • You have no relationship with these people
  • They could report your brand as a spam contributor
  • Your brand will get a bad reputation and bad word of mouth

This is never a good idea, as you never know whether these customers have any interest in your specific products or services. These lists are typically sold and passed around various groups and businesses without the consent of the names and email addresses on the list. Your best bet is to skip these lists all together and develop your own curated list.

Avoid Sending Out Too Many Emails

Having an opt in email list is the perfect opportunity for direct sales and marketing. You are reaching out to people that chose to receive emails from you, but you may want to avoid sending out too many emails. For example, a customer that receives an email from you several times a day might eventually think of your emails as spam, and request to be removed from your list. Setup an email schedule, such as once per week or every two weeks. You should also pick a day of the week for sending out your emails. Customers will come to expect emails from your business on these days and know to look out for them.

Promoting Products or Services

The main goal of any marketing material should be to inform and educate your potential customers. The same is true with sending out emails; though, you have the option to gear your email content more towards promoting products or services. Remember, the people on your email list chose to signup to receive emails. While you shouldn’t throw a heavy sales pitch at the people on your email list, you can offer informative details about a specific product or service. I like to use an 80/20 rule when sending emails to my list.

  • 80% informative and helpful information for their benefit
  • 20% product/service offers
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Using Email Campaign Software

Even though it is possible to manage a reasonably sized email list without the need for additional software, there are quite a few programs out there that are designed for the management and scheduling of an opt in email list. Some of these programs will even help you create registration options, whether you want to include a signup form on your website, in a social media post, or as part of a giveaway. These programs can be especially useful when managing multiple lists or lists that contain hundreds of emails. Several of these email campaign programs are available for free, with a limit on the number of emails in a list, while other programs may require a monthly fee.

The Bottom Line

If you pay attention to how you go about acquiring names and emails for your targeted email list, you should have no problem avoiding spamming your list. Allow people to opt in and opt out of your email list, create a schedule for sending out emails, and consider what information you want to include in your emails. Basically, think about what you would do when you receive emails from a business. How often do you receive them? What type of content do they contain? Creating a targeted email list does not have to be a complicated process, just take the time to use this marketing technique wisely.

Thanks for reading, if you want to learn more about targeted email lists or any other aspect of online marketing, feel free to send me a message or browse some of the other content on my site.